Criminal Law Schools

When it comes to taking on higher education, I thought I was as hard bitten as any Law and Order cop. I thought I’d seen all the worst things that went on in the ivory tower. Until, that is, I started investigating the very schools that produce the prosecutorial side of the justice biz: law schools.

Truth be told, I didn’t do any original investigative work on this case. It was done for me by three people, all of whom appeared at a Cato forum on the matter. They are Washington University Law School professor Brian Tamanaha, University of Colorado-Boulder prof Paul Campos, and the Cato Institute’s own Walter Olson. They have all written terrific books about the dreadful product coming out of the nation’s law schools, though Tamanaha’s new, celebrated (or reviled if you’re employed in legal academia) contribution was the proximate cause for the event.

Do watch the forum, and read all three of the books, but the crime scene is basically this: all the major carnage of higher education, only worse. Worse tuition hyper-inflation. Deceptive advertising that rivals the most odious of any openly for-profit university. And a remorseless, above-the-law attitude that enables it all!

I’ve seen a lot of bad stuff working the streets of American higher education. But nothing quite like this.







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Posted by: Neal McCluskey

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